Flea Collar Comedy Tour

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The Flea Collar Comedy Tour was the name used for a brief series of multiple-performer stand-up comedy shows held at Mephit FurMeet in 2006 and 2007. The name was a parody of the mainstream comedy troupe Blue Collar Comedy Tour, and is a misnomer, since it was only planned to be performed at one convention.[clarify] To date, only two shows have been performed under this moniker,

After Tahamaki's (one of the performers) decision to leave Mephit FurMeet staff in 2007, and ultimately to withdraw all support for the con in 2009,[clarify] the Flea Collar Comedy Tour was left without a "home convention", and the idea for a new performance venue has been on hold ever since.

2006 Performers[edit]

2007 Performers[edit]

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