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Flare Starfire (born March 15, 1983)[1] is a furry musician who lives in Mariposa, California, U.S.A.[1]

Flare's fursona is a white Shire horse, and he also has another character; Zeryx, a black mountain ram.

Along with RedCoatCat and Louve, Flare was a Guest of Honour at FurFright 2010.

Most noted for his musical ability on the keyboard (acoustic or electronic), his music has always been available without cost from his homepage. What sets his work apart from most is that it is entirely improvised -- each work is composed in the moment, inspired often by a particular emotion or experience that he then reproduces in music.

His work entitled After Hours inspired a short story of the same name by Tristan Black Wolf. In gratitude, Flare composed Tristan, Weaver of Dreams for the author. The two creators are collaborating slowly on a collection of stories to be called Stories Made of Starfire, three of which currently appear on SoFurry on Tristan's Stories page in a folder by that name.


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