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Michael Russell (born on June 23, 1984 in Mims, Florida) is the creator of the all-audiences strip The World of Vicki Fox and resides in Orlando, Florida.

He is the President and Chairman of Vicki Fox Productions Inc; a for-profit incorporated company formed to license and merchandise the Vicki Fox franchise.

He is a Christian fur, known for his conservative politics and love of foxes, and a well-known patron of furry art.

Thanks to Mike's great interest in animal cartoon characters, especially in foxes and skunks, he created Vicki Fox (not your average vixen), along with a community of characters for Vicki to affiliate herself with. More information about the characters can be found on the Vicki Fox web site.

Mike has made a good number of comic installments with the help of closest friends Laura Howell and Shelley Pleger, but he is currently looking for volunteers to continue chipping in with comics.

The World of Vicki Fox web site[edit]

The web site serves several purposes.

  • It is the online presence of Vicki Fox Productions Inc.
  • It is a portal dedicated to the interests of the site's founder, Michael Russell.
  • It is the online presence of the cartoon fox, Vicki Fox, and her related cast of characters.

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