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Covers of Fish N Chips.

Fish N Chips is a comic book series featuring anthropomorphic animals, which was written by Steve Hamaker and published by Vigil Press.[1] Three issues were published[2] (between September 2001 and July 2002),[3] plus one digest-sized trade paperback.[1]


Fish N Chips' is set in the future, in Solomon City. The story concerns two police officers, Val Dyer and Jaxer Fann. Val is a cat with super powers, and Jaxer is a telekinetic fish with a robotic suit. Val has a younger brother, Clave, who is actor in an action movies.[4]

The heroes are fighting vampyres in the city and are after the vampyre leader, Fixion. The vampyres are selling blood in the city, as well as using their powers to work in the movie industry.


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