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Wraith Kangaphin (formerly Wraith Fireorca, also known as Wraith923 or Fireorca62; born 1992), is a diaperfur who lives in Tempe, Arizona, U.S.A.


Wraith's fursona is an orca/wallaby/rattlesnake hybrid with fire patterns in various places on his body, including his tail, beak, and chest. He also has a slight amount of dolphin blood in him, namely from the common and bottlenosed species.

Wraith is psychic, having pyrokinetic abilities. He can create firestorms, ignite nearly any object (even some things considered "unburnable" like asbestos), and also has the ability to "flashover", in which he can create an explosion radiating out from his body with the approximate yield of a small nuclear device. The "fire" part of Wraith's fursona was originally a way to be different, but it has since grown to become a deeply rooted part of his character.

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