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Fireborn is a dual-time period RPG where the players play both a Dragon in the Mythical Age, and their human-born Scion in the Modern Age.

Fireborn is published by Fantasy Flight Games.


As a dragon, they are powerful, ancient, and firmly in control of the world, much to the ire of many other races. Dragons are the guardians of humanity, for the most part, and seek to guide the fledgling race to adulthood with wisdom, patience and compassion. They are Karma incarnate, the living will of magic, possibility and creation. They are immortal. When they die, they are reborn a short time later and once reconnected with their horde, begin to remember their previous lives.

They are, in turn, opposed by Taint and its minions. Taint is decay, death, and destruction, and its minions seek to corrupt and destroy everything in the world. Taint promises vast power and immortality to those who serve it, things that dragons have already. But even a Dragon can be tempted, and many have fallen into madness and under the sway of Taint.

As Scions, your dragons have been born into the modern age, as humans. Once exposed to magic, now seeping back into the world thru a fissure in reality localized at the Tower of London, they begin to remember parts of their lives as Dragons, and eventually their fight against Taint. But Taint is here in the Modern Age as well. While magic was absent from the world, Karma and Taint could only influence humanity thru dreams, urges and suggestions. Now that magic returns, both Karma and Taint are at war again, each seeking to inspire humanity and dragonkind to greater heights and deeper depths than ever before. Will your Scions remember enough of their past to become the champions the world is about to desperately need? Will the human agents who know about Scions and Dragons, Magic and Taint, kill you before you can become a threat to their power?

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