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Feefers, also known as Fionacat(pre fursona change) and Fiona (born September 15, 1979) is a UK transgender furry writer, babyfur and pegasister who lives in Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Feefers' fursona is a Vizsla Puppy.

She is also the author of several written stories, including Pokémon and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction. Regarding fandom politics, she was a former member of the Burned Fur movement.

She participated in the Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix as the voice of Chung Poe. She has also worked on the youtube video version of Found.[1], which was drawn by Toddlergirl

Open Directory Project[edit]

Feefers was extensively involved in the Open Directory Project with, at one point, direct responsibility over the entirety of Society/Subcultures and everything within it.

After a long standing discussion on the boards to keep Furry located within the Subcultures folder Feefers resigned when it was moved to Society: People: Furry instead, however a great deal of the "ground work" Feefers laid down can still be seen in the Open Directory Project and those databases which bought data from the Open Directory Project.


In December 1999, Feefers was contacted by BBC producer Vincent Beasley for a fair and balanced TV special involving the furry fandom. The venue for the interview portion was to be carried out either on the Burned Fur IRC channel, or a channel entitled Vincechat on Yiffnet. The BF channel was finally chosen has the venue for the event.

The night of the event, a minor storm erupted on channel about Feefers's decision to host this channel, especially since that the fandom was still reeling from the (back then) recent backlash from the Eurotrash furry fiasco, plus the fact that it had not being cleared with Yiffnet's admins. Tempers flared to the point that Yiffnet admin Kandra warned Feefers that the event would not come to pass, with Feefers responding with:

If you try, we'll sue you so fast you can't blink, wanna try?

As the seconds drew closer to the start of the interview, net searches by several members on the channel discovered that Vincent Beasley was really an executive producer for the Ruby's American Pie show, which essentially involved comedienne Ruby Wax journeying across the USA in search of some of the more bizarre and outlandish aspects of American culture. The show Mr. Beaseley was working on at the time was to be shown on Channel 4 though, not BBC.

The "event" was finally canceled after a two hour semantic battle about "rules," as well as problems with Vincent connecting to IRC.

During this time (that the log in discussion doesn't show) Feefers was able to easily avoid the ban as he was on a dial up modem and kept coming back until Kandra stopped banning her.

Feefers was able to contact Vincent and advised it probably wasn't worth going ahead with a section on Furry in the show, something she maintains she had set out to do from the beginning, inviting Vincent along to show that furries weren't that interesting.


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