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Finder is a science fiction comic book series written and drawn by Carla Speed McNeil. It follows the story of Jaeger, a human of no fixed place of abode, who acquires hard to find objects for people for a living.


Finder takes place on what appears to be Earth, in the distant future. The world is populated by humans and mostly animal based genetic constructs ranging in appearances from centaurs to fully anthropomorphic animals. While these "furry" characters are in the background for the vast majority of the story, the lion-based Nyiman were placed at the forefront in the King of the Cats TPB.

In this setting there is a sexually transmitted disease commonly called the Fey Plague, which randomly insets animal genes into human bodies, and sometimes human genes into animal bodies.[1] Fey Plague kills most, but is also believed to impart oracular abilities.[1] Whiskey Jack is apparently the first such person to be depicted in the Finder comics. Jack is accompanied by a "little girl who is his rememberer, an attendant with a perfect memory trained to recall ever addled word" that Jack says.[1]

The huldres are people with "horn's and cows' ears"[2] and are farmers who live in giant combine harvesters and mow grain that they think grows wild.[2] The huldre have been described as "pirate farmers".[2] A huldre is shown on the first page of Five Crazy Women chapter 4 ("The Tail Fairy"), and may have have been depicted elsewhere. Since the huldres don't live in cities, the huldres are probably not constructs and therefore are probably a naturally-occurring species.


  • Volumes
  1. Sin-Eater I ISBN 0-9673691-0-X
  2. Sin-Eater II ISBN 0-9673691-1-8
  3. King of the Cats ISBN 0-9673691-2-6
  4. Talisman ISBN 0-9673691-3-4
  5. Dream Sequence ISBN 0-9673691-4-2
  6. Mystery Date ISBN 0-9673691-5-0
  7. The Rescuers ISBN 0-9673691-6-9
  8. Five Crazy Women ISBN 0-9673691-7-7
  9. Voice (Completed online. TPB published by Dark Horse Comics in 2011 February ISBN 1-59582-651-3)
  • Torch (Nearly completed online)
  • Finder Book One (Reprints volumes 1-2 and #22, hard-cover self-published in 2007 ISBN 978-09673691-9-8)
  • The Finder Library Vol.1 (Reprints volumes 1-4, TPB published by Dark Horse Comics in 2011 ISBN 978-1-59582-652-7)
  • The Finder Library Vol.2 (Reprints volumes 5-8, TPB published by Dark Horse Comics in 2011 ISBN 978-1-59582-653-4)

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