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The Final Fantasy series of video games is a popular RPG series produced by SquareEnix (formerly Squaresoft). Final Fantasy has interest in the furry fandom due to popular animal characters, such as Moogles and Chocobo who appear in nearly every installation of the series, as well as a strong zoomorphic influence in its ninth installation, as well as others.

Popular races[edit]


A chocobo

Chocobo are birds of many colors, but mostly yellow, used primarily as mounts, replacing horses in the Final Fantasy world. Chocobos appear in nearly every game. They are commonly known for their trademark Kweh or Wark noises. While timid in the wild, and vicious if threatened, they tame rather easily and make good transports. Chocobos have occasionally been sighted as lightly armored war mounts in which case they can assist their riders with beak and claw. Most often they can be caught in the wild and ridden without fear of random encounters, escaping after the player dismounts. While ordinary Chocobos are yellow, certain rare breeds are of different colors and have special abilities, such as crossing mountains or flight. An even rarer, more extreme variant is the Fat Chocobo (or Chubby Chocobo), which resembles a morbidly obese yellow chocobo.

Chocobos have a signature theme song that is present in one form or another in every game since the second one. Chocobos also appear in a spin-off series dedicated to them, as well as other Squaresoft and Square Enix games.


A moogle

Moogles are small winged cat-like creatures that appear throughout Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy III, but have also appeared in many other Square Enix games including the Seiken Densetsu series, the Chocobo game series, and the Kingdom Hearts series.

Moogles' appearances change between games, but almost invariably involve a whitish color, fluffiness, and a red pom-pom on their heads. They are known for their trademark sound kupo, as well as nya, the Japanese form of the word meow, referencing their design evolution from cats.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, they appeared to look more like rabbits than cats, but still had their wings.


Viera are bunny people from Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance and Final Fantasy XII.


Burmecians, from Final Fantasy IX, are a race of anthropomorphic rats {according to many indications in the game, and by Squaresoft) who mainly live in two cities, Burmecia and Cleyra.


Kimahri, an example of a Ronso

The Ronso, from Final Fantasy X, are a race of blue furred, lion-like humanoids who live on Mt. Gagazet, which they consider sacred and guard fiercely. Ronso are formidable warriors, being very tall and amazingly strong, and are known for their strong sense of honor and loyalty, as well as their pride and quickness to anger. The long, sharp horn sported by all adult male Ronso is a symbol of esteem and a source of great pride to the wearer, and to lose this horn is considered extremely shameful.

Popular individuals[edit]


Fran (フラン, Furan) is a Viera (bunny girl) from the PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy XII, primarily skilled with swords and mechanics.


Freya Crescent (フライヤ・クレセント, Furaiya Kuresento) is a Burmecian (rat girl) Dragoon from the PlayStation game Final Fantasy IX.


Kimahri Ronso (キマリ=ロンゾ, Kimari-Ronzo) is an anthropomorphic feline character that serves as Yuna's protector in the game Final Fantasy X. His character is one of the most versatile to customize.


Zidane Tribal (ジタン・トライバル, Jitan Toraibaru) is the protagonist of Final Fantasy IX and features a prehensile monkey-like tail. In his Trance form, he appears to be wearing nothing, most of his body instead being covered in fur.

Red XIII[edit]

Red XIII (レッドXIII, Reddo Sātīn), or properly, Nanaki, is the last of a species of red, lion-like animals from Final Fantasy VII.

Cait Sith[edit]

Cait Sith (ケット・シー, Ketto Shī) is a talking animatronic cat and one of the more comical characters in Final Fantasy VII.


Umaro (ウーマロ, Ūmaro) is a Yeti that appears in Final Fantasy VI, he serve as the games Berserker.


Mog (モグ, Mogu) is a Moogle from Final Fantasy VI, and was the first Moogle party member in the entire series.

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