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FinFarenath (Florian Walter) is a German furry artist. He works at a broadcasting company as a director and design consultant and is also attending university to get his PhD in Computer Science.


FinFarenath's fursona is a white blue-ish, female dragon with long and soft fur around the paws, belly, and mane. There also has been a former fursona with the name DreamDancer who is a blue anthropomorphic dragon and was known around the US fandom since 1989. Depending on the mood either partly or in the full, those characters do surface.


FinFarenath did a few drawings as well as sculptures in the past. Yet, because of too much work and a major decrease in sparetime, those activities have seized in the past years. He loves to use traditional media as well as computer colorization. Besides a lot of CG artwork in the 3d sector as well as in the digital drawing region he started out with the passion for pencil drawings.

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