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Efimous Zhivotnaye (usually known as Fima or Possum; born April 4th, 1989) is a furry living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Fima has been a furry since 2005, but only discovered the furry community in late 2007. Fima met his first furs in real life at the 2007 MiDFur meet.

Fima dabbles in anthropomorphic art and writes the occasional furry story. He has shown marked improvement in his art since beginning towards the latter half of '07.

Filling his days with work and various other side projects, he is currently a Junior Executive and Events Manager for MiDFur, as well as Head Admin of the Melbourne Furs group.


Fima stands 6'3" with a large build, usually with short black hair his normal con-meet clothes are jeans, a long striped shirt, and a shirt with the astrological sign of cancer [Homestuck reference].


Fima was also the organiser of "Diffur" (Dubbo In February FURmeet), a furmeet based around Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo and general furry hijinx, it was later disbanded due to location and attendance.

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