The Adventures of Fifine

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The Adventures of Fifine
Author(s) Henbe
Update schedule  ?
Launch date 1999
End Date Ongoing
Genre  ?
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The Adventures of Fifine is a webcomic written and drawn by Henbe.


Most of the action centers around a polite, intelligent young vixen named Fifine (pronounced "Fif-In") and her many friends and companions. Originally a tribute to the famous Tintin comics, it has since evolved to be its own comic entirely. It has retained a style similar to the Tintin comics, and is still largely centered around action and adventure. It was also originally produced only in French, as Henbe is a French-Canadian, but is now exclusively in English. However, as English is not Henbe's primary language, he sometimes has trouble with spelling and grammar.

The Adventures of Fifine has a long, complex storyline largely revolving around "The Cult of Darwin", a mysterious cult that is somehow connected to humanity, although the connection is somewhat unclear. It is implied that humans have visited or lived in Fifine's world, although when and why is never stated. Although often sidetracked, Fifine is intent on solving the mystery of the cult, and discovering the truth of Man.


The Adventures of Fifine has an extremely large cast, with new characters brought in and out on a regular basis. It also has a very large number of cameos, ranging from famous furries to comic book characters to members of the Fifine forum.

Fifine is the main young protagonist. She was originally a reporter (albeit a bad one) and now is dedicated exclusively to adventuring. She is often accompanied by her pet Dodo Bird, the turtle Professor Proton and the aging wolf General Barrax.

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