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Kodi, husky.
kodi made.
2005: Jogging in the 5km charity run

Kodi, formerly TJ_Wolf, is a fursuiter and fursuit maker whose character is a husky.

In 2003, Kodi was one of the five founders of the charity mascot-performing group Helping Pawz. He was also a founder (and former chairman) of the annual furry gathering Howloween in Vancouver. At Howloween 2003, Kodi was featured as a part of the CBC television program Culture Shock, which explored the Furry sub-culture.

In 2004, Kodi was a founder of the Arend Studios group, but left in late 2006 to pursue other career aspirations in the Toronto area. Kodi really gets around! He currently works in marketing for a software company and currently lives in Seattle, U.S.A. Having lived in a number of different cities (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Seattle), Kodi has traveled all over the world logging over 150,000 miles in 2008 alone! In 2007, Kodi spent a month in India.

Kodi was the 2017 con chairman for Midwest Furfest

Interesting factoids:
- In 2010, Kodi was a guest of honor at RainFurrest in Seattle
- In 2010, climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington State (14,000 ft; and got quite the sunburn from the glacier too!)
- Travelled to every state, and every Canadian province
- Also a lot of international travels: Germany, France, England, India, Australia, Singapore, China, Israel, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark
- First con attended was Midwest FurFest 2000 in Illinois
- (former) Chair of Midwest FurFest 2017, and former MFF Board Member

He has 4 regular characters that he performs in: Kodi (husky), Ty and Kix(border collie), and Havoc (werewolf). Kodi has been making fursuits for years now and currently takes commissions through "kodi made".


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