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Fideel in his Macro form, sitting on top of a city.
Born 1993
Profession or hobby Camera Operator, Editor, Photographer, Musician
Character species Fox

Fideel is a fursuiter who lives in Belgium

Who is Fideel?[edit]

The Character[edit]

Fideel used to be an orange fox. As a young cub he got adopted by a dragon family that saved him from a forest fire.
When he grew up they gave him some of their magical powers and changed his fur colours. Fideel is also a sizeshifter, which means he can shrink or grow to any size he wants.
His backstory can be found Here.

The Fursuit[edit]

Fideel's Fursuit was build in 2013 by AlphaDogs, owned by Honeymoon_Omega_Twilight.
At conventions he's running around playfully in fursuit for about 85% of the time. The other 15% is spent by eating and sleeping.
The head recently got a makeover after turning 4 years old.


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