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Fhursky was a European version of the Furry Ski Weekend held annually in the United States. The purpose of the event is to propose furry skiing holidays in Europe while trying to keep prices reasonable for participants. Fhursky had a single instance in the winter of 2008-2009 at La Plagne, a famous ski resort in France. It ran between January 4 and January 8, 2009, and included up to three days of skiing. The housing provided was a chalet near the skiing tracks.

Future of Fhursky[edit]

The Fhursky to have occured during the Winter 2009 - 2010 season was canceled due to a lack of interest and registers. It would have took place on January 2-9, at the same chalet as the 2009 event. As of January 2011, with the website had not been updated since November 2009, and the LiveJournal community fhursky had been deleted and purged.

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