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Ferret Vulpsi is the fursona of Timber Nightfire, a Second Life avatar, author, and furry among other silly things, and was created in 2006-2007. Ferret is a member of a very small and relatively unique species known as the ferox (or ferrox). The species was originally created by K-9 and Preyfar of Fur Affinity and spelled ferrox. However in 2006/2007, Ferret Surface was using a fox fursona named Ferret Vulpsi and realized that he could no longer deny his true self simply because he disliked the appearance of ferrets. So rather then convert his fursona to a ferret, he decided to combine his love of foxes with his ferret-like nature and create what he thought was a new hybrid species, a species that he called the ferox.

Name orgin[edit]

The word ferox comes from the same rules used to name the hybrid species the liger. A male lion and female tiger "mate" and the resulting offspring is called a liger. Therefore if a male ferret and female fox were to "mate," their offspring would be called a ferox by taking the first sound of the male species and the last sound of the female to produce the new name. Ferret's name comes from his ferret like nature and the scientific name for a fox. Ferret's middle name is Graypaw, so named for his gray paws.

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