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Feralys Flag

Feralys is a small furry pirate role-playing crew wandering the seas of Shoalrije. Its captain, Princess Rei Keishana, leads the crew on a series of adventures called Episodes, in pursuit of establishing a fearsome reputation, an enjoyable life, and to also accomplish every members' personal goals and desires.

Birth of Feralys[edit]

Feralys was started in 2004 by a small group of High School friends living in Austin, Texas. The small group consisted of a few furries and furry friends around the school, also led by Princess Rei and Tsune Murasame. Upon declaring themselves "pirates," the name and symbol were developed to represent this harmless group of friends. Feralys, named after the old Shoulrijean goddess of revenge and storms (also a play on the word 'Feral'), is represented with a cursive "F" and a sword through it. It is usually displayed on a black flag to warn people that they are still pirates.

Map of Feralys[edit]

Shoalrije is a small region in which Feralys has intentions of exploring. The crew lives in a small cave located in between the Zegi Cliffs. The Zegi Cave is a fairly developed mansion-like residence, with rooms for each member, main character or not, to reside. Near the eastern area of the Zegi Cliffs is where Feralys's favorite bar, Tommy T's Pearl Bar and Inn hides from the open seas. Its secret location is an advantage to pirates, where it remains invisible to Naval Forces patrolling the area.

Crew Members[edit]

Former Captain Tsune Murasame was originally put in charge to lead the crew for the first two Episodes. After his absence, Princess Rei stepped up from Quartermaster to Captain, also appointing Eddy Dobhran as her First Mate, who keeps members together and to keep the ship and Zegi Caves well maintained. Princess Rei also recruited a few other curious members, who are now Feralys's strongest fighters. Main Characters also include Second Mate Jenna (played by Flinch Ferrex), Ryudo Lee, his son Koji, Nanaku, Dr. Rotvang, Rubian, Crystal, Gin, Minza, and Joseph.

Recent Adventures[edit]

So far in the RP, Feralys currently visited the Eastern island of Jensheubao, where they've learned of a deadly disease threatening even their own ship. Revealing the true intentions of Ybrad, Feralys has begun its search for the mysterious Bird Island, which contains the legendary cure for this disease. On route to Port Ilesbora, Feralys met the Meerkat Clan; a new rivaling pirate gang lead by the notorious Kiapa Sequine. After engaging in a battle against each other so far, the ships are now enemies. Many more adventures await for these young pirates.

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