Feral Attraction

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Feral Attraction
Host(s) Metriko Oni, Viro the Science Collie
Website https://feralattraction.com/podcasts
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date January 2016
End Date December 2018
Genre Talk - Sexuality - Relationships - Advice

Feral Attraction was a furry-centric relationship and sex advice podcast hosted by Metriko Oni and Viro the Science Collie which ran from January 2016 to December 2018. The hosts also maintained an advice column on their website. The podcast seemed to have ended as of December 2018 after several of Viro’s former partners accused him of severe abuse.[1][2][3][4][5] Viro significantly reduced his activity in the fandom, and Feral Attraction stopped posting new episodes.[6]


  1. Koji Fox on Twitter: “Yo what’s up furry twitter. @FeralAttractFM is a platform that @ViroSciCollie uses to attract young furries who are new to polyamory. He uses faux authority to appear trustworthy so that he can prey on young boys who attend his sex parties at cons. Catholic priest + Altar boys.”
  2. Mystery on Twitter: “Well folks... since I’m seeing others speak up against @ViroSciCollie, allow me to give you a glimpse at what being in a relationship was like with him back in 2014…”
  3. Enter the Cumgeon on Twitter: “Fuck it, if other people can call this shithead out so can I…”
  4. asher on Twitter: “When I was 16 years old, I met @ViroSciCollie. For the next four years I watched him abuse & and emotionally manipulate both my friends and myself…”
  5. 💜Aristoth the Saxdragon💜 on Twitter: “Yoooo we doing this? We FINALLY doing this? Imma just say that someone who *insisted* that our sex was non-consensual even though it wasn't (yes, you read that correctly) has got some serious issues…”
  6. Flayrah: Feral Attraction podcast ends as host faces multiple accusations of abuse

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