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Feral! 2009 is a furry convention which took place August 29th to September 2nd, 2009 at Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. The theme was simply 'Wish you were here...' playing off the concept of sending postcards from camp.

The guests of honor were Clawcast and Anthropodcast host Flain Falcon and author Kyell Gold.

Registration opened January 15th along with the newly designed Camp Feral! website.

Unique to 2009:

  • A new writing workshop took advantage of the presence of Kyell Gold, allowing five campers to discuss, critique and improve their writing through a conversation about a short story they have written.
  • Flain Falcon ran a discussion on podcasts and new media.
  • The Melee, run by the MonFurs, was scheduled in a major activity slot
  • Kyell Gold read from his new novel, 'Shadow of the Father.'
  • Flain Falcon recorded a live episode of his podcast, Anthropodcast to a crowd of between 40 and 50 furs in the Rec Hall, interviewing Potoroo, Kyell Gold and several furries from the audience, asking them 'Why?'

Memorable moments included:

  • Halex leading a group of canoe-pirates to overtake and board the Voyageur Canoe in mid-lake.
  • Temperatures dropping to near freezing on the Monday morning
  • Pyhrra winning the lake swim for the fourth year in a row
  • A staff versus campers dodgeball game
  • JJ, the camp director for Arowhon in 1998 and 2004-2007 returned in 2009 after a year absence

92 campers attended, up from 2008 but still far from the record set in 2006: 132.

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