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Feral! 2006 was held from September 2nd to 6th at Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada for the third consecutive year.

Attendance in 2006 reached 132, making it by far the most highly-attended Feral! to date.

Guests of Honour[edit]

Staff And Facilitators[edit]


  • Feral!'s clan mascots are Geist (Earth), Misha (Fire), Aelos (Wind), and Kabalo (Water).
  • The conbook front cover, a composite of all four elemental tribe mascots, was completed by artists in residence The Wormwood and Anklebones over approximately 100 hours of work. The original painting was sold at a silent auction to con chair Potoroo and his mate Yennix for approximately $450.
  • Feral! 2007's mascot Pawnee was featured on the promotional art for Feral! 2007 on the conbook's back cover. Ferris (who would become a guest of honour in 2007) contributed lineart, while Patchouli coloured the image.
  • The Wind clan emerged victorious in the Clan Challenges, followed in order by Water, Earth and Fire.
  • At the Patron Event, Uncle Kage and Potoroo played a game of foosball. The winner would take Anthrocon, the loser took Camp Feral!. The results of this game have not been released.
  • 2 and Uncle Kage performed a cabin skit where they said nothing for two minutes.

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