Fera (Werewolf: the Apocalypse)

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Originally, there were a number of other races in the world, all created by Gaia for different purposes. These were collectively known as Fera -- the Changing Breeds. The Garou waged war on them during what became known as the War of Rage, and it gummed up relations between the wolves and the rest ever since.

  • Ajaba: Were-hyenas, and one of the surviving Changing Breeds of the Classic World of Darkness.
  • Ananasi: Were-spiders, the children of Queen Ananasa, created to defend the earth against triatic imbalances. Secretive, but quite numerous. They serve Wyld, Weaver and the Balance Wyrm.
  • Bastet: Werecats, the Bastet were created to be Gaia's eyes. Alive, though suffering the loss of their feral kin.
  • Corax: Were-ravens, created to be Gaia's messengers. Quite alive.
  • Garou: Werewolves. While the Garou were originally created as Gaia's warriors, they have had to take up the slack created by the destruction of the other changing breeds. Quite alive.
  • Gurahl: Were-bears, created to heal Gaia. Alive and active in the triple digits, hibernating uselessly in four.
  • Kitsune: Were-foxes, created to understand magic. Quite alive. The 'tricksters of asia.' (See also kitsune.)
  • Mokolé: Were-reptiles, created to serve as Gaia's memory. Quite alive in tropical regions, many hibernating like the bears.
  • Nagah: Were-snakes, created to judge for Gaia. Very much alive, and the only breed with fertile metis. The West believes them dead, the East know otherwise (and they aren't telling.)
  • Nuwisha: Were-coyotes, so Gaia could laugh. Quite alive, but very secretive. Unparalleled masters of the Spirit World.
  • Ratkin: Were-rats, created to cull humanity. One of the few Fera to be active in Antarctica. Quite alive.
  • Rokea: Were-sharks, created to protect the seas, given the mandate only to survive. Quite alive.

Note: The Ajaba, while technically werehyenas, are Bastet and not a distinct or separate changing breed, but are once included with the tribes of Bastet. Black sheep, yes. Different, no. Just as the Zhong Lung are an Asian stream (tribe) of Mokolé. Same species, different branch. To make them distinct as separate Fera would mean you'd have to add every other tribe of Bastet and Gurahl, and all four streams of Mokolé.

Extinct Fera[edit]

A few shifter breeds no longer exist in W:tA, due to the War of Rage or simple bad luck.

  • Apis: Were-Aurochs, the Apis were in charge of the earth and agriculture. Long dead; the last known Apis was the famed Minotaur in Greece.
  • Camazotz: Were-bats. They were created to be Gaia's voice during the night hours. Much like a night version of the Corax. However, the Shadow Lords believed that they were wyrm-fallen, and wiped them out.
  • Grondr: Were-boars. Landscapers and preventative land medicine of Gaia. Bears were the healers of people and beings, pigs were meant to devour the despoiling corruption. Guarded the Gurahl in the War of Rage, died by doing so.
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