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Fenrirs Child.

Fenrirs Child (born February 8, 1988) is a multimedia sculptor, textile artist, and fursuit maker who lives just north of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., with her husband and two wolf hybrids. Currently she builds mostly for hobbyists, but has aspirations to build werewolves and other anthropomorphised animals for stage and screen. She found an inner desire to make wearable art to portray her animalistic side when she was in her early teens, but only since 2010 has been building for others.

She specializes in realism and natural colors and markings, and she enjoys making others' dreams come into reality through her hands. Fen's interest in costuming was sparked by the old Norse concept of ulfserks and berserks. These Norse themes help her in conceptualization of the fantastical creatures and combinations she builds. It is her mission to create realistic interpretations of anthropomorphised creatures as she sees them in her mind's eye, and bring your inner animal into the world.

Her personal character is a black Úlfhéðnar with golden eyes and slight silver markings on her forehead and lower back.

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