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Natasha Softpaw's main con badge. Art by MehndiX.
Natasha Softpaw's babyfur fursona. Art by Marci McAdam.

Natasha Softpaw, also known as Natasha Lockhart, and as Natasha Petrichor on Second Life, is a grey wolf fur, born in August 1985, living in the Washington, DC metro area. She is a professional web designer, with hobbies including amateur radio, nature photography, travelling, hiking, and off-roading.

Character forms[edit]


Natasha Softpaw is a female grey wolf in her late teens (about 17, give or take a year). She’s a light-hearted, fun-loving fur who seldom takes life seriously, and she has a very playful personality. Her favourite activities include hiking, photography, swimming, and just relaxing among the trees near her home. She’s had a strong love of nature (particularly trees and flowers) ever since she was a pup, and happily describes herself as a “tree-hugger”. And, while she spends much of her time alone, she also enjoys social activities with her closest friends.

Her build is best described as average, but short. She’s roughly 5’4”, but this can vary due to her digitgrade legs (her family’s canine roots are unusually strong). Her headfur is dark brown, more than halfway down her back in length, and she typically lets it flow loosely, having never been a fan of the constricting sensation of hair elastics. But, she does loosely tie it back for swimming or hiking (if it’s a hot day). She seldom wears skirts or dresses, preferring short denim shorts and T-shirts (or tank-tops) instead. And, she usually wears a small, silver pentacle necklace (five-pointed star in a circle). She also loves wearing flowers in her hair, they make her feel like she’s bringing the forest home with her when she heads back after a day of hiking.

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Natasha Softpaw is a female grey wolf puppy (about 2, give or take a year). She’s highly energetic, yet also quite affectionate, and she greatly prefers playing outside over staying inside. She has an affinity for exploration, but she’s rather timid, so she usually brings one of her plushies (her favourite is a river otter) along to “protect” her. Luckily, her parents have a large, forested backyard, so she can play in the woods without being in any real danger. She has a bit of an overactive imagination, and loves dreaming up wild fantasy scenarios, which keep her much too busy to be bothered with TV or video games. But, when bedtime comes, there are few things she enjoys more than a long bath (she loves water), and some snuggle time in the arms of her mommy.

She has pretty long headfur for her age, it’s nearly halfway down her back, and dark brown in colour. Her preferred style is to just let it flow loosely, but she spends a lot of time brushing it to keep it smooth and untangled. She doesn’t like wearing dresses, nor does she like wearing just a diaper, though she does like jumpers and shortalls. Her favourite colours are lavender and blue, and she hates yellow, with her wardrobe reflecting this. And, she loves bringing flowers back inside after a long day of playing, as well as tucking them in her hair (she thinks they look pretty, and they smell nice).

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Fandom involvement[edit]

To date, Natasha has attended 13 major furry conventions, including Anthrocon, Megaplex, and Midwest FurFest, as well as number of mini-cons like WPAFW and NYFB. She attends local meets in the Pittsburgh and Washington, DC metro areas on a regular basis, as well as other nearby locations. She enjoys lending her expertise in website/community administration to a number of furry forums and websites, and recently, she's been involved with running large babyfur parties/social events at major furry cons.

She discovered the fandom on Halloween in 2003, and has been an avid member of the furry community ever since. Natasha has no relation to Softpaw Magazine, nor should she be confused with the artist Kiffin Softpaw.


Lupinia Studios[edit]

Lupinia Studios, created in august 2004, is Natasha Softpaw's personal portfolio, and is the original site to carry the Lupinia name. Aside from a brief experiment with running a CMS in early 2006, the site has had the same basic appearance and structure since its creation in August 2004.

In addition to sections to showcase Natasha's writing, graphic design, and photography, the site itself is a demonstration and proof of concept site for her web design and PHP projects.

Lupinia Hosting Community[edit]

Lupinia Hosting Community is Natasha's website hosting site, both furry related and otherwise. Among these are:

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