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Felix Ohlsson, formely known as Crimson Whitepaw (born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) is a musician, video gamer, Warhammer tabletop gamer, and game developer.

Felix co-founded Furtek Entertainment, alongside Joshua Cartwright and Sovandie. After problems that had occurred between Sovandie, he went on to form Furtek Studios with Joshua Cartwright.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Felix is a part of the Tasfurs group in Tasmania, Australia and is an admin of a group of the same name on Facebook. He has been a furry since December 27, 2007, and has attended local meets in Hobart.


Felix's character - and former Fursona - Crimson is a black wolf with white on his tail, paws, and ears. Although his Fursona has changed to a deer/wolf hybrid, the colour palette and markings remain the same.


Felix has been dealing with music production since 2007, with his project Distorted Fox. He largely uses FL Studio and similar entry-level programs to make his music. From time to time he uses acoustic, bass and electric guitars, and drums, largely for other projects such as Moon Orchid and Geter Parrot.

Influences and style[edit]

Felix lists Bad Religion as his primary influence. Other notable influences include Opeth, Trivium, and Pendulum as well as producers from Rare Ltd.. He largely bases his music on experimental music.

Moon Orchid[edit]

Moon Orchid was formed in 2010 by Felix, with fellow bandmates Joshua Bowling and Joseph Griggs following soon after. The project was disbanded before releasing any tracks.

Distorted Fox[edit]

Distorted Fox's Reveries album

Distorted Fox was founded by Felix on April 10, 2007. Between 2007 and 2009, the project was known by Crimson Angel, Datnoob, Ookami Sentineru, and Akay4ty7. This project's discography includes 4 albums, 27 EPs, 3 compilations, 1 promo and 1 single.


Formation (2007 - 2009)[edit]

The project was formed mid-2007 under the name Datnoob. Four early EPs were released under this name: Gamma Octavius, Sapphire Island, Stolen In Space and Matrixized. At the beginning of 2008 the project was re-named to Ookami Sentineru, and a further three EPs - Enter the Bogan, Infection and Kombat Portal - were released. Late 2008, the name was changed again to Crimson Angel, and the prior EPs were re-released under this name.

Change to Distorted Fox and When Life Goes Like This (2009)[edit]

During March of 2009, the project became Akay4ty7. He would later release the first EP, Big Snowman, to mark a change in sound for the project. In May, the 2nd EP Heart of Glass would follow through with more changes in sound. Late July would see the release of the 2 previous EPs to be re-released, as well as the release of a 3rd EP As Cheesy as a Rock. A 4th EP, New Folder EP, was released in August. A 5th,New Text Document EP, was released a few weeks later in September. During October, Felix would release two more EPs, Silver Mountain and Quicksand Valley, returning to the sound created in Big Snowman. A final EP would be released Galaxy a few days before, alongside with changing the project officially to Distorted Fox, When Life Goes Like This, which would be released on the 16th of November. The album would feature mostly songs, previously released that year, but re-worked.

Reveries and White Fox (2010-2012)[edit]

The year 2010 however, unlike the last 3 years, would involve minimal activity. Largely due to involvement with University and Progressive Metal band Moon Orchid. However 2 compilations were released Age of Empires 1 Tribute and Age of Empires 2 Tribute (which are no longer available). A promo was also released, Return To the Past/Ice Caverns, for an upcoming 2nd album Reveries, which had undergone many delays. Following more delays, Felix would release Golden Sands EP in March 2011. A month later, The God Of Fire single was released to help promote Reveries a bit more. That same month, a EP, Xandoa, would be released, which would feature previously unreleased songs before and after 2009. Reveries would finally be released on the 23rd of December, which was delayed for nearly a year. 2012 would also prove a quiet year, as White Fox would be released, that year alongside the White Fox EP which would be later released that year. An announcement of an EP called 'Human Destruction' was announced, but never released.

Holographic Failure and hiatus (2013)[edit]

2013 however would prove very different in the terms of releases. As aforementioned projects had been dropped, Felix focused more on Distorted Fox. He would release 1st January EP on the date of the same name. Exactly 10 days later, he would release Landscape EP (which may have originally been 'Human Destruction'. In March he would release the EP Anti-Citizen Reported as a follow-up to his 4th album Holographic Failure. A month later he would release another EP called New Album EP. Felix would then begin to work a new EP dubbed Indie. Felix also re-released When Life Goes Like This via Bandcamp which comes 5 bonus tracks. Unfortunately though he had lost control of his Facebook page and decided to end the project shortly after.

Return from hiatus, Ecclesiastical and Dilapidation(2013-present)[edit]

After his short hiatus he decided to restart the project. Felix however has not finished Indie due to mechanical problems and has announced that at least another album will be released sometime in 2014. The EP was finally released on the 10th of January.

During February he announced that there will be two albums, which became known as Dilapidation & Ecclesiastical. Both of these albums were released a day apart in March (15th & 16th respectively). Both albums, are different from each other and once again explore a different area than the previous albums, with Dilapidation, being a Techno-like album, and Ecclesiastical follow a Trip-Hop sound.

During march, two songs were reported 'For copyright infringement' on SoundCloud. However, this was overturned, as the claims were false. However Felix decided against re-uploading the songs, to stop further disputes.


When Life Goes Like This‎
When Life Goes Like This Re-Issue‎
  • When Life Goes Like This (2009, re-issue 2013)
  • Reveries (2011, re-issue 2012)
  • White Fox (2012)
  • Holographic Failure (2013)
  • Dilapidation (2014)
  • Ecclesiastical (2014)

The sound of Distorted Fox is influenced by various sounds over the years. During the 2007 & 2008 period, it was very Experimental. Since 2009 the sound has varied. With When Life Goes Like This, the sound deals more with Progressive Trance and Game music. Reveries experimented with Game music and World music. White Fox largely dealt with world music. Holographic Failure deals with a slow experimental dark sound.

Geter Parrot[edit]

Geter Parrot was formed in 2012 by friends Chris Johnson (Guitars & Vocals), Joshua Cartwright (Drums) and Mason Walker (Bass), with himself on Guitars & Vocals. Though during the original line-up the band was known as Uninvited Drunks. The band also went to change their name to Jack Osmond, and Felix would change from Guitars to Bass.

In 2014 they would change the name of their band again, to Geter Parrot, changing their style from Punk Rock to Alternative. In June 2014, Felix left Geter Parrot to work on other projects.

Kaleidoscopic Wolf[edit]

Felix formed Kaleidoscopic Wolf as a sequel to Distorted Fox, despite focusing more on Melodic Death Metal rather than Electronic.


Felix goes by StaticPendulum on Steam, Xbox Live and the PSN. He is fan of Role Playing Games and Real time strategy games.

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