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Felix Mischievox (born January 22,[1] 1990), also known as Felix the Fox, is a fursuiter who lives in England.[2]


Felix's fursona is a brownish-coloured fox with white fur from his muzzle to his belly.[2] There are also white patches from above his eyes down to his cheeks. Black curved stripes mark each side of this muzzle, and he has green eyes. His paws are black, and his ears are brown with white fur inside. His tail has a white tip, then a black ring, and the rest is brown.

Felix wears blue jeans and an open, black, zippered hoodie, with the hood laid down on his back and no other clothing beneath. He also wears a green sunglasses (or Shutter Shades).


Felix became a fursuiter on April 9, 2013.[3] His fursuit was built by Lacy.

Real life[edit]

In real life, Felix is deaf and uses British Sign Language.[2] He loves playing video games, going to the gym and self defense classes, and collects animated gifs.

He is also obsessed with classic banned and World War II cartoons.


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