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Cover to Zu #15, featuring Felicia

Felicia is a supporting fox character from the Champion of Katara stories by Chuck Melville, and was also the protagonist of a long-running serial in Rowrbrazzle which was later collected in MU Press's graphic novel Felicia: Melari's Wish.

Felicia cla di Burrows is a sorceress in the land of Katara, a renegade who aligns with neither the forces of Light nor those of the Shadow, but follows her own counsel in all things, often finding herself in contention with both sides. Although concerned with her social status in Katara and her homeland of Dogonia, she is generally moved by the plights of those less fortunate than herself. She is no stranger to hardship, as her family was deposed from power when she was a child, and her parents killed in a brutal suppression of a revolt of nobility against the Dogonian King. She was taken in and raised by the Sorceress (see Seeker), an eternally young feline who had lived since the beginning times and who had mastered the secret ways of the world. She taught Felicia magic, but did not count on the fox’s need for revenge against her parents’ murderers. Felicia now lives on her own, operating out of a tower in the backwoods of Katara, hiring herself out as a “Magi for hire”, but continues to scheme and manipulate events towards the downfall of her enemy, the Count cla di Howler, the wolf who destroyed her family and stole her ancestral lands.

Felicia is currently appearing in a series of novelettes, self-published by Melville. Three were nominated for the Ursa Major Award for best short story, one of which ("Felicia And The Tailcutter’s Curse") won in 2004.


  • Champion Of Katara (#1; Crack Of Dawn Comics) (First appearance)
  • Felicia: Melari’s Wish (graphic novel; MU Press)
  • "Rotten In The Stars" (Art by Bill Schmickle; ZU #13; MU Press)
  • "A Bedtime Story" (Art by Bill Schmickle; ZU #14; MU Press)
  • "Curse Of The Re-Possessed" (Art by Bill Schmickle; ZU #15; MU Press)
  • Felicia: "What Good Is Magic?" Furrlough #184; Radio Comix)
  • Felicia: "Day Of The Nibblies" Furrlough #185; Radio Comix)
  • "A Felicia Theriopangram" (written by Fred Patten; Furrlough # 90; Radio Comix)
  • "Felicia and the Dreaded Book of Un" (self-published; 2004) – nominated for Ursa Major award, best short story, 2004
  • "Felicia and the Tailcutter's Curse" (self-published; 2004) – winner of Ursa Major award, best short story, 2004
  • "Felicia and the Wrath of the Elder Glops" (self-published; 2006) – nominated for Ursa Major award, best short story, 2006
  • "Felicia and the Cult of the Rubber Nose" (self-published; 2007)
  • "Felicia and the Border Collie Patrol" (self-published; 2008)
  • "The Vixen Sorceress" (self-published; 2009) – collects The Dreaded Book of Un, Tailcutter's Curse, Wrather of the Elder Glops, Cult of the Rubber Nose, Border Collie Patrol, and The Last Homely House of Honeypot Bruin.
  • "Felicia and the Night of the Basquot" (self-published; 2017)

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