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Feli, badge by Kalika


Felinaeus or Feli is a a black, lop-eared rabbit. He is in his early thirties with greying fur on the underside of his muzzle. He wears glasses, sometimes wears a wide-brimmed hat, and generally a brown vest. He seems to have a penchant for things of a Steampunk nature.


Feli has been in the fandom since about 1990, finding his way onto FurryMUCK around 1992 and has had a character there ever since. For a time, Feli was involved in Furry Space RP on the muck, but has since relaxed his RPing due to real-life time constraints.

Feli, as the name indicates, started off as a black and white housecat, and went briefly through various other species before settling on his current phenotype of a rabbit in or around 1999. The full name of Felinaeus has been shortened to Feli for ease of use, and is now the more common name used.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Local Communities[edit]

Feli was a part of the now mostly defunct Ottawa, Ontario Furries group (OttFur), until he relocated in 2005 with his mate, MAnlantrio, to Montreal, Quebec. Since his move he has become a steadfast member within the Monfur community.


From 2002 to 2007 Feli was on the staff for C-ACE, having been a co-chairman in 2004.

In 2007 and 2008, he was on the staff for a local Montreal Sci-Fi convention, Con*Cept, as the Art Show director, but stepped down as official staff in 2009 to persue another project, however he resumed the role as Art Show director in 2010.

Having started work on it in 2008, Feli was elected Chairman for the furry convention, What The Fur, being held annually in Montreal. The first event was on June 4-6 2010, the second instalment was the 3-5 of June 2011.

Feli has worked closely with other conventions such as Furnal Equinox, lending his time and expertise as a volunteer and security.

In 2010, Feli also joined the security staff for FurFright, and in 2011 became the Dead Dog Director.

Art and Writing[edit]

Feli has tried his hand at art and writing several times, though they are few and far apart. Some of his works he keeps on his Fur Affinity page, though not many.


From 2001 until 2008, Feli ran an online radio station called DarkBunny Radio. He was the sole DJ for the station. As of April 2010, DarkBunny Radio is back on the air and broadcasting random music. There are currently talks for a podcast-type show to begin sometime around What The Fur.

Real Life[edit]

Feli (real name Christopher Pilgrim; born December 22, 1977) is a white male, Canadian, living in the Montreal area. He works for a large telecommunications company. Feli is polyamorous, however his main mate is MAnlantrio. In real life, with the exception of while at work, Feli is known to everyone as Feli, whether furries or not.

Feli has been called a Listener in the past,[citation needed] being someone approachable and always willing to lend an ear to anyone who just needs to talk.

Feli has only recently received his first partial fursuit, which debuted at Furnal Equinox in March 2010. He has since participated in several events (non-convention) in suit.


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