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Faytus (real name Lee, born in 1989) is a furry who lives in Kentucky. His fursona (full name Faytus Ace Infinity) is a folf (a half-fox, half-wolf hybrid).

Faytus has angst against the world, and cookies!

Faytus' most notable friends include the up-and-coming Kentucky fursuit maker, Hallows the Jackal, who designed Faytus' fursuit. Other friends include Tyger Cowboy, head of the Mephit FurMeet. Recently at Midwest FurFest, Faytus encountered his soon to be good friend SonicBlu, furry parody song writer and host of the Time Machine Show.


Peached Pod

Faytus is the creator of a Podcast, called Peached Pod. He is the only furry there but sometimes creates episodes with his local furry friends, with other co-host. The podcast gets random and funny at times, and is a tip of the hat to 2, The Ranting Gryphon on 2 Sense.

Furry Folks

Furry Folks, is a furry-oriented magazine, made by everyday furs and composed by Faytus. Furry Folks is a collection of furry articles, art work, and fan fiction, that's open to the public. Furry Folks features a meet-and-greet & furry-themed comics. The advertisements are also furry. For those readers who like crafts, every now and then are included tutorials and tips on making fursuits.The Furry Folks magazine production ended in November of 2007.

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