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ZevDawg is a furry who lives in Alberta, Canada. His fursona is an angelic light blue arctic wolf. His former fursona went by the name of Fauxwulf


His fursona is a blue furred, winged, arctic wolf.


Up front, he hides behind his guardian weapons: His right paw bears a ruby red golden scepter, which appears to be full of electric energy. In his left paw, a purple shield, with a golden paw, a red cross on the center on it.

Behind his shield, and scepter, he's got golden wings (the feathers are illuminated around the edges, making them appear very bright). His fur is mostly white, with some blue coloured highlights in certain spots (mostly on his paws and undersides, and some on his back).

He is marked by a green paw print on his left hind leg. A golden halo-type crown hovers over his head - it appears that it's detachable, and packs as much energy as his scepter. His eyes appear to be on fire (though a scar mark appears on his right eye), as they blaze their amber red shine.

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