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FauxPawRoo (also known as FauxPaw; formerly known as Chipperfox) is a fursuiter who lives in Tennessee, USA.[1] Her fursona is a female red kangaroo with red kangaroo markings that are more typically male. She has attended Anime Weekend Atlanta, Furry Weekend Atlanta in 2007 and Dragon*con in 2006. She also attends local furmeets and conventions.


Along with being a furry fandomeer, she is an avid marine reef aquarist and owner of several types of animals including 6 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 birds. She attends University and is working toward her Bachelors in Biology and her pre-vet prerequisites. She works for an aquarium. FauxPaw also draws and participates in the conbadge exchange on Livejournal. FauxPaw loves plushes and has been an avid collector for many years. Her major plush favorites are kangaroos, various Australian wildlife, dogs, foxes, fish, and Disney characters. She is also the moderator of   furrypetowners on Livejournal.


FauxPaw makes fursuits and as of May 2007 has completed nine suits or partials. She also owns several personal suits, including:

Additionally, FauxPaw owns a rabbit fursuit she created herself, which she uses for Easter performances at churches. She has also done mascot work at the aquarium she works for.


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