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Faux-Pa, full 20-Shades-of-Faux-Pa, also known as Nikolai-The-Wolfdog, and Linicks, is a furry artist and e621 user[1] from Reno, Nevada, USA.[2]


Faux-Pa has gone under many names, most notably Linicks until that account was banned in November of 2016 for ban evasion. He was banned for being accused of spamming racial slurs.[3]

With special permission from the e621 administration, NotMeNotYou reinstated Faux-Pa's account under the condition that he does not attempt to start any more drama in the forums or IRC. To this day, Faux-Pa stands by his claims that he was not the person who spammed the IRC with racial slurs, despite evidence depicting a clear link.[clarify][citation needed]


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