Faulty Logic

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Faulty Logic
Author(s) Fox Bruner and Jalyss Barclay
Update schedule Saturdays
Launch date March 29, 2007
End Date October 10, 2009 (?)
Genre Satire/Silly/Gaming/Slice-of-Life
Censor PG.png

Faulty Logic is a Canadian webcomic written, drawn and starring by Fox Bruner and Jalyss Barclay. It started on 29 March 2007, and is updated every Saturday.

The strip features a series of non-related strips, contain satirical humor. Much of what is written is based on Fox and Jalyss's own lives. The authors (and stars) of the strip alternate writing each comic, resulting in alternating styles of humour and dialogue. The archive also features a handful of video comics which Fox and Jalyss Narrate themselves.

Common themes and running gags in the strip include: -Squirrels, and their secret plots for world domination -Time Travel, time travel Paradoxes, and ridiculous devices modified into time machines -Comic meta-jokes and fourth wall breaking -Michael Bay -Political Commentary -Video Game jokes


Fox Bruner: Fox is one of the co-creators and co-stars of the comic. As a character, he appears to be an anthropomorphic fox. His presence (and the presence of several other anthropomorphic foxes) in an otherwise earth/human setting has yet to be explained. Fox is intelligent, creative and eccentric, prone to enact any thought that enters his head. He currently shares a house/apartment with his housemate, Jalyss.

As a writer, Fox uses more slapstick and silly humor than his co-writer. Most Fox-written comics are more visual than verbal humor. Non-sequiturs, fourth-wall breaking and metajokes are common.

Jalyss Barclay: Jalyss is the other co-creator and co-star of Faulty Logic. As a character, she appears as a member of an extra-terrestrial species known as the Basti, aliens that once took over ancient Egypt to strip the land of resources and perform scientific experiments. Jalyss herself currently studies on Earth because Ontario Universities were the only ones that would accept her with her grades. She is often pragmatic and occasionally irritable, but is not above a little silliness herself. She is portrayed at least as intelligent as Fox, but much more cunning and less random.

As a writer, Jalyss favors writing of satire, parody, political and philosophical commentary, and exposure of stupidity. Her style of humor tends to be more verbal than visual. Jalyss has even undertaken a subseries of video comics she narrates herself entitled "Jalyss Dislikes Things" which would otherwise contain too much text to fit on a comic page.

Eden: A "third character" added by the creators with no direct real life counterpart, Eden appears as an anthropomorphic grey fox, presumably the same species as Fox. Eden is portrayed as kind, caring and tolerant, as well as slightly eccentric herself. She is a friend of Jalyss and a romantic partner to Fox, and frequently fills the role of a more reserved personality type and outside observer of Fox and Jalyss's interactions.

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