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FattyDragonite is a graphic designer, artist, and animator from Netherlands.

Fandom involvement[edit]

FattyDragonite started his YouTube channel on January 8, 2011.[1] He later registered onto FurAffinity on January 19, 2013.[2] He continues posting commissions, art, and animations on his accounts regularly.

He is an active member of the Fat Fur community.


FattyDragonite's fursona is usually depicted as a Dragonite,[3], 14 feet (4.2672 meters) tall, 1400lbs (635.0293 kilos), and occasionally wearing winter gear. He also uses a 13 foot (3.9624 meters) Flygon[4], weighing in at 1250lbs (566.9905 kilos), and a 12 foot (3.6576 meters) Arcanine[5] who weighs 1200lbs (544.3108 meters) to represent him in alternate forms.


In addition to doing artwork, FattyDragonite also does several animations starring his characters. One of them includes a video called Vending Machine.[6] He also did various animated projects for Sparkalloon at one point.


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