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This article is about the fetish. For the mailing list of the same name, see Fat Furs (mailing list).

Adipophilia, also known as Fat fetishism or just fat fetish (Latin adipem - "fat" and Greek φιλία - "love") refers to the sexual attraction directed towards overweight or obese people due primarily to their weight and size.


A plump, fatty female polar bear. Art by BMG.
Dolby, an example of a zaftig fox. Art by ?.

A variety of fat fetishism is feed(er)ism or gaining, where sexual gratification is obtained from the process of "gaining", or helping others gain body fat, not necessarily from the fat itself. However, there is much overlap between these groups. Fat fetishism also incorporates stuffing' and padding, whereas the focus of arousal is on the sensations and properties of a real or simulated gain.

As a subculture, the fat fetishism community has overlapped with body positivity and fat feminism movements. The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) has worked as an advocacy organization for fat people but was partly formed to help male fat fetishists and other fat admirers (FAs) find fat women to date and have sex with.


Fat fetishism as a mainstream community (both in real life and/or internet-based) is predominantly heterosexual, focusing on fat women and thinner men. Fat fetishism includes communities.

Other sexual adipophilia interests include fat-related internet porn, Hhogging, which is when men seek out fat women to exploit sexually, and squashing, which is sexual attraction to the idea of being crushed by a fat person or by people.

Adipophilia and furry[edit]

In the context of the furry fandom, the term for a furry fat admirer or a fat anthropomorphic furry character is fat fur (pl. fat furries, also known as a plus sized fur). The term is also used by some members of the furry fandom who are fat in real life.[citation needed]

Most fat furs prefer to utilize literature, artwork, or roleplay rather than relying on real-life weight gain to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Topics involved in such works include, but are not limited to, admiration of a character's fatness, consensual or non-consensual feeding, clothing becoming tight-fitting or ripped, gluttony, unintentional weight gain, loss of muscularity or fitness, or teasing a character about their weight.

There are crossovers between this philia and the fandom's hypertrophilia (also known as hypersexuality), a furspeech paraphilia term used to describe furries emotional or sexual attraction to hyper-endowed characters with over-exaggerated (i.e. impractically-large) erogenous zones or sexual characteristics, whereas excessive body fat is added to this mix, enhancing breasts, hips, buttocks, legs, etc.


Zaftig is a mainstream Yiddish term meaning "pleasantly plump", which in the fandom it is also used to describe a person or character who is both fat and good looking.

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