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Fast-Fox is a fursuiter, furry artist, cartoonist, and fursuit maker and furry socialite who lives in New Hampshire, USA.


Fast-Fox was born in Manchester, New Hampshire in October 1998. She was inspired to become an artist after reading about the British street artist Banksy. She first heard of the Furry Fandom in 2014 from the Brony community. She joined the furry fandom in 2016 after discovering the Furry subreddit on reddit. She studied at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, USA where she graduated in 2021 with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. Outside of the fandom, Fast-Fox is a graphic designer and artist who is known for her abstract paintings and still-life sketches, some of which have been displayed publicly by her college. She also previously hosted her own radio show on her School's Radio Station. Fast-Fox is most active on Reddit and also has accounts on X, Bluesky, FurAffinity, DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Amino. She is known to travel to many furmeets throughout the New England region.


Kiera the Fox

Fast Fox's most well-known fursona is Kiera the Fox, (originally named Ace the Fox before 2021). She is a red fox with brown (formerly blonde) hair and green eyes. The character is often depicted wearing either a pink or blue t-shirt or a grey cardigan. Kiera is based upon, and closely resembles Fast-Fox herself. In 2023, Fast-Fox constructed a partial fursuit of Kiera between July and October of that year which was revealed at Furpocalypse 2023 where it was well received. Alongside Kiera, Fast-Fox also has four other fursonas. They are Spirit the Wolf, a grey wolf with purple hair; Azure the Fox, a blue fox; Aurora the Fox, a grey fox with a face resembling that of a red panda with light blue hair; and Socks the Cat, a grey tabby cat with purple hair.


Fast-Fox has a partial fursuit of her character Kiera. She built the fursuit herself between July and October of 2023 completing it the night before it was debuted at Furpocalypse 2023. The fursuit was well received and has served as the inspiration for her to start a Fursuit studio. Fast-Fox has since made a few appearances with the Fursuit at several furmeets and conventions. Kiera's fursuit has dark blonde hair meant to resemble the hair color of the character as it appears in drawings. Fast-Fox is currently in the process of turning this fursuit into a fullsuit and is also in the early stages of making a second fursuit for Aurora.

Conventions attended[edit]

  • Furpocalypse: 2023
  • Anthro New England: 2024
  • Furcationland: 2024
  • Anthrocon: 2024