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Farrago is a character in the webcomic Jack. She is a "young" angel, portrayed as a female ferret with only bloody stumps for wings early in the story.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Farrago and Jack first met in the arc 'Falling Angels', when the two of them tried to prevent an airplane from crashing as the result of the interference of another Sin. Becoming fast friends, Farrago restored some of Jack's memories accidentally with a kiss, sparking his change from a formally apathic attitude to the moody and more questioning character.

Farrago is kind and trusting. She often visits Hell and confers with Jack, a relationship her superior angel Central initially disapproved of. Unlike the other angels, at the beginning of the comic, Farrago appears with only bloody stumps for wings, having lost them to Drip. Farrago is also on good terms with Fnar, sharing a sisterly relationship with the child.

Not much is known about Farrago's life before she died, but what is known is that she was in "Her Majesty's Royal Armed Infantry in the days before guns and ammunition."

Out of all the angels that Jack confers with, Farrago is the one Jack is closest to, and the nature of their relationship at times is called into question to be more romantic than platonic. Indeed, Farrago kisses Jack lightly for good luck when they are trying to save the character of Virgil and later on in the story arc he returns the gesture more passionately. In doing so, Farrago's wings are restored and Farrago is so happy she hugs Jack for his gift.
Farrago and Jack work together throughout the comic to help lost souls, in the particular case of Virgil, Jack asks Farrago for help and she reluctantly does, even going against the other angels to do so.
Before that, the two of them worked together to allow Lucas to communicate with his son Artisan and tell him he had to let go of his anger. Lucas later commented the two made a good team.
However, on Fnar's last day, Fnar was hurt by Drip, and thus Jack blames heaven for allowing Fnar to stay in Hell. It is then Farrago reveals that it was she who asked for Fnar to stay with Jack in Hell because Fnar was bringing out a gentler side to Jack's character. Jack enraged by this information blames Farrago for Fnar's hurt and tries to choke her, stopped only by Fnar. Farrago is shocked and terrified by Jack. She says that she always thought the angels were wrong about Jack, and even though Fnar asks her to forgive Jack, Farrago says it will take a long time because Jack has hurt her deep inside.
Since then Farrago and Jack have not spoken, and whilst they have been apart Jatter has told Jack that Farrago's wing feathers seem to be falling out, possibly as a result of the bad feeling between her and Jack.
For his part, Jack regrets what he has done, missing Farrago and brings back Joann from the dead because he says she reminded him of Farrago. Recently Central revealed that Farrago's wings had fallen off and in her most recent showing it appears that all her memories of Jack have been removed and that she has some type of relationship with the angel Reckonin