Farlo Fey Dragon

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Farlo Feydragon is an Urban Fey Dragon - a small lap-sized dragon with butterfly wings. The "urban" part of his species description is an affectation, since Farlo is a city dweller by habit. Normally docile and a loner, he is something of a fear biter due to trust issues (It's hard being small!). His favorite food is chocolate chip cookies.

Farlo currently resides in the cupboard of a longtime friend in El Cajon, in the American Southwest. Lately he has taken to religion, becoming an adherent of the Invisible Pink Unicorn. He sometimes wears an IPU pin on his vest.

At one time, Farlo was an avid follower of the Usenet newsgroup, alt.lifestyle.furry, a group of which he has fond memories. He also remembers, vaguely, alt.fan.furry. Nowadays, he stays busy with quite a few hobbies - photography, mathematics, computers, crafts, drawing, bicycling, and cooking on occasion. He seems fond of the occasional nip of cod liver oil, which gives him a fishy-smelling breath, and which he believes to promote shiny scales.