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Far-Seer is a science fiction novel by Canadian author Robert J. Sawyer. It is book one of the Quintaglio Ascension Trilogy, also referred to as the Far-Seer Trilogy.

Though intended for fans of hard sci-fi, it is of interest to furries because the characters are intelligent dinosaurs. There is not a human in the entire series (except for a brief glimpse in the final book).

The main character through the series is Afsan, an apprentice astrologer who learns the truth about the world his people live on, and about the people themselves.


“An allegory about Galileo on a planet of intelligent dinosaurs.”

The first book introduces the Quintaglio race, and Afsan, a young apprentice astrologer who sets out on a pilgrimage all Quintaglios must make at least once in their lifetime: to see the Face of God. But while on his pilgrimage he discovers something about the Face that may cost him his life.

Fossil Hunter[edit]

“The story of the dinosaurian equivalent of Darwin.”

In the second book, Afsan is now middle-aged and advisor to the emperor. His children are unique in every possible way, and one of them, Kee-Toroca, continues the work his father started.


“An alien counterpart of Sigmund Freud psychoanalyzes his race's equivalent of Galileo.”

Now in his elderly years, Afsan is troubled by disturbing dreams. Nav-Mokleb agrees to help him using something called the "talking cure." Meanwhile Kee-Toroca discovers that Quintaglios are not the only people living on their world.

This novel includes a dictionary of all terms and characters in the trilogy called The Quintaglio Concordance.

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