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Shaun Ryan was born in 1986. He resides in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He came across the furry fandom in late 2003, found it interesting, and eventually was willingly pulled deeper into the fun. His personal fursona is the dragon character Faora Meridian.

His interests include gaming, writing and sleeping. Currently he is working on the Chronicles of Sol story series and novel. Occasionally he writes stories for Yiffstar, though he prefers to turn his attention to less erotic works. His writing has also been displayed in the furry publication FANG from Bad Dog Books, a subject that brings him much pride due to the caliber of the writers involved in the project.

Faora Meridian, or 'Fae' as he's affectionately referred to, is a 24 year old anthropomorphic dragon, the personal fursona of Shaun Ryan.

Faora makes his home in Syrina, The City of Magic. Syrina is the magical capital of the land of Renthani, home also to the prestigious Renthani Magic School. Faora himself lives for the most part within those walls, but his duties as a healer and hydromancer oft require him elsewhere in Renthani.

He is very outgoing and friendly, sometimes even to the point of annoying others. Still, his skills and good nature more than make up for his negatives, and it takes a great deal for most that encounter him to dislike him. Those that do tend to find themselves frozen to the ground and left to 'cool off'.

Faora stands at a height of six foot, four inches. His scales are blue, as are his eyes. His horns are silver, and he has no hair. His wings extend out sixteen feet, and are a light, translucent blue. He can often be seen wearing either the light blue robes of a Renthani Hydromancer, or a more simple white vest and black pants.

Over IMs, the character is seen to exhibit powers not unlike those used by Whitelighters in the TV series Charmed.

Chronicles of Sol[edit]

Chronicles of Sol is a science fiction series following the adventures of the dragoness Sol Fyres; a fighter pilot, rogue and rebel. It is written by Faora Meridian (aka Shaun Ryan) for the most part, with occasional contributions by friend, fan and fellow writer Draylen, and is as yet an unfinished project. The story, characters, and universe (just the written one, don't panic) are copyright to Shaun Ryan, and Draylen uses them with permission. His own stories and characters are copyright to him, which Shaun then uses with permission... and a great deal of confusion for outsiders looking in.


Julietta Harris, or 'Sol' as her father always used to call her, had always had a rough life. Growing up under the martial law of the galactic government, the Avanguard, she'd seen time and again the corruption that seeped into every world. The final blow to her control came as an Avanguard commander, drunk on local ale, stumbled one night into her house while she was away. Her mother and sister were raped right before her father's eyes, and her father himself was murdered to prevent his interference. When Juiletta came home, all three were dead.

Her rage at the sudden, horrible act was choked down, until she heard the punishment of the Avanguard squad. The commander was docked a little pay, and the troops were given an official reprimand. This punishment was covered up soon after, when official reports were released that implicated Julietta's family as criminals. Something inside her broke that day. She stole an atmospheric patrol craft, and exacted her own vengeance. None of the Avanguard squad survived her attack, though Juiletta herself was captured and put on trial.

However, with such promising flying techniques, Julietta was offered a choice. She could rot in a prison somewhere, or she could take a crash course in Avanguard Fighter Pilot training. It was that day she accepted that she cast off her old name, adopting her old nickname of Sol Fyres as her own. There was little left of the innocent, carefree hatchling that there once had been by the time she started her practical training.

The series picks up here with the Chronicles of Sol: Origins compilation, detailing Sol's time with the Avanguard, and her eventual break for freedom. The Chronicles series is planned in a TV series-like fashion, with up to four 'seasons' of varying lengths planned at completion. At present only Season One has been finished, and Season Two has been started. The series is currently on hold of sorts, as the author plans to start work on novelising the series, starting with the Origins compilation.

Story listing[edit]

Main article: Storyline of Chronicles of Sol

Galactic factions[edit]

The following information is to only be considered a loose guide to the various groups that holds sway in the Chronicles of Sol universe. As new stories are written, different groups will gain and lose power. Expect to see this section change often over the course of the series.

Warning. The following will likely contain spoilers of stories as yet unread.

The Avanguard - The controlling government of the galaxy. When the various races amongst the stars first left the ground of their worlds behind, the Avanguard were a kind, gentle system set up by the various spacefaring races. However now, more than three hundred standard years on, they rule by force and military might, using their great fleets to enforce control and loyalty.
Galactic Coalition - A small group of rebels against the evils that the Avanguard represent, the Coalition was founded by Sol Fyres, Ferellian Derricote, Jordi Syprus, Kiernen Treplin, Xalitar and elements of the Trader's Guild. They work to build their strength and liberate worlds from their oppressive Avanguard masters.
The Trader's Guild - A large, galaxy-spanning organisation of traders. If you want something shipped from one place to another and don't want to bother with the Avanguard, you come to the Trader's Guild. Cargo haulers, freighter captains... even a few smugglers and rogues as well, the Trader's Guild has it all. A few groups make up the Trader's Guild, and a pair of these groups are directly (if quietly) tied to the Galactic Coalition.
The Fringe - Wherever there's law, there's lawlessness. And every zone of control has a zone where all the rules are tossed out. On the edge of the galaxy roam all the bounty hunters, assassins, con artists, mercenaries and rogues that anyone could ever have any use for. Once the Avanguard attempted to bring them all into the fold, and the cost of equipment damaged, destroyed or stolen still hasn't been fully counted. A few of the major players, like Jordi Syprus and Kiernan Treplin have, in an uncharacteristically noble move, thrown in with the Coalition in the hopes of taking down the Avanguard.

Galaxy at a glance[edit]

The galaxy where the Chronicles of Sol occur is a big place. Thousands upon thousands of worlds, hundreds of different races, and powerful groups fighting for control of it all. It can be hard to keep a track of. The following is a basic dissection of the galaxy into different regions.

Core - The core worlds are those that are most important to the galaxy. Mining, business, government and military power are all centered here, at the center of the galaxy. The core systems are currently controlled by the Avanguard.
Example worlds: Vaalis, Felis, Irialalis.
Mid-Rim - The largest region of space held to one name, the Mid-Rim consists of every world outside the Core, but not so far out so as to be on the Outer Rim. Mostly peaceful worlds, these planets are where most people are born and are raised. The Mid-Rim is currently mostly controlled by the Avanguard.
Example worlds: Nardrossia, Merian, Tengara.
Equus Cluster - A tight sector of space in the Mid-Rim consisting of about thirteen systems backed close together, each with at least one inhabitable world. The Equus Cluster owes it's allegiance grudgingly to the Avanguard, and it's Matriarch, Evanni, holds a seat on the Avanguard High Council. The Equus Cluster is technically Avanguard space, but should be considered independent.
Arm - Only one of the arms of the galaxy has been fully mapped out. It is somewhere on this arm that the Sol starsystem and Earth have been lost almost to myth, and is heavily patrolled by the Avanguard fleet to keep general passers by well out.
Example worlds: Earth, Ezereth
Outer Rim - Far outside the reach of the Avanguard are the worlds that they don't care about. Those devoid of life, or wealth, or anything of real worth to them, are ignored. Few worlds on the rim are cared about by the Avanguard, but are no less dangerous because of it. The Outer Rim currently hosts several Coalition bases, but should be considered independent.
Example worlds: Senti, Tu'Var, Weragar Minor