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Fantards was a friends-only/private LiveJournal community co-created by artists Thornwolf and Katarina in 2003. It was a place where artists could vent about frustrations in dealing with perceived "stupid" or "aggravating" fans and commissioners. In its heyday of 2003-2007, it had over 400 members.

As posting had largely withered to nonexistence, the community was deleted in 2013. It briefly had a sister community, Fandomtards, created and moderated by Katarina.

Community profile[edit]

About Fantards

What exactly is a Fantard, you may ask? "Fantard" is a term that we like to use for the annoying, amazingly brain dead fans that some artists and authors seem to attract - fans that are creepy, manipulative, incredibly dense, or that are just downright obnoxious!

We're not saying that all fans are horrible, bad, stupid people. Far from it! We love our fans! It's wonderful to get attention, praise and feedback, and to make new friends! Fantards are definitely in the minority of all fans, but they ruin things for all of the great, supportive, friendly fans out there.

So, if you've had a close encounter with a fantard or like hearing about those who do, feel free to join. Share your stories! Let out your frustration! Strange e-mails, horror tales, stalker name it, we want to hear it. Nothing is more obnoxious than someone who just won't leave you alone.

Some people might think that the whole point of this community is to be mean and ruin people's lives. This is not the case. If we really wanted to do that, we wouldn't make people leave out personal information in their posts so that people could freely attack the person in question. Fantards isn't about being mean - it's about letting out frustration and sharing silliness and stupidity with your fellow artists and authors.

Fantards is a "friends only" community. Anyone is free to join, but you won't be able to see any new posts if you're not a member.


Rules and guidelines[edit]

As with similar furry critical Livejournal communities (e.g. Artist Beware), Fantards sported a set of rules or posting guidelines, such as:

  • Not posting personal data or doxxing.
  • Media copyright (when or how to posts images in forum).
  • No off-topic, unnecessary or non-worthy posts.
  • No trolling or creating drama.
  • No leaking or sharing of the matters being discussed.

Among others.

Fantard (term)[edit]

Fantards may also refer to the derogatory term created by the agglutination/contraction of the words "Fanboy" and "Retard". Although used by both furries and anti-furries, this mainstream term use encompasses almost all know culture fandoms (Sci-Fi, Anime, Bronies, etc,...).