Fangs of K'aath 2: Guardians of Light

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Fangs of K'aath 2: Guardians of Light is a prose novel by Paul Kidd released in 2006 by United Publications that is a direct sequel to Fangs of K'aath.

Plot summary[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Six years after the marriage of Shah Raschid to his wives, Sandhri as First Wife and Yariim as Second Wife, Osra has become a renowned center of learning, religious tolerance and social justice, while also a major military power thanks to the royal family's reforms and innovations.

Into this setting, comes a quiet zen buddist panda named Tsau-yi Meng, scion of The Way and bearer of sixteen volumes and four commentaries, comes to Sath with an ambition of converting the rulers to his religion. Eventually he meets Sandhri and after her status as the First Queen is made clear as well as the strength of her family's convictions, the panda is soon taken under wing to be the tutor to Itbit whom he is instantly smitten with.

Unfortunately in lands far away, there is a horrific menace in a diabolical warlord named Tsu-Khan who is on a merciless campaign of bloody conquest. He is augmented with his demonic power to replace key figures by killing them and replacing them with specteral minions possessing their bodies as well as the ability to raise the dead into undead troops when necessary. He has designs on conquering Osra, but is wary enough of its military power and special rulers to attempt to use more clever means to achieve that objective.

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