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Fangcon 2016 was the fifth Fangcon convention. It was held over October 27-31, 2016,[1] at the Hilton Birmingham Perimeter Park in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.[1]

The theme of Fangcon 2016 was "Furballs".[2] The Performer Guest of Honor was Wolf Pup Wielder, and the Artist Guest of Honor was Wildlion.[3] Another GoH was DJ Jayce BlackWolf (Dadius Windlow) with his show.[3] There was a performance by Rhubarb The Bear (Ned Wilkinson), of his solo play "Firing My Bass Teacher".[4] The convention hosted 316[5] in attendance this year, down 111 from the previous year.

Venue change[edit]

Fangcon staff attempted to rebook their 2015 hotel (in Knoxville, Tennessee) immediately after that con had concluded, but found themselves being put off.[1] Fangcon chairman Draconis noted that many hotels in the local Knoxville area do this, looking for groups with bigger numbers so they can charge a higher price for the rooms ("sometimes 3 and 4 times the amount we paid").

The year's football schedule left only a few open weekends for groups like Fangcon, who found that all the local hotels in Knoxville either turned them down, were too costly, or had no room parties/con suite rules. The Airport Hilton strung the Fangcon staff out for over a month, and it was thought there might a TSA issue with no fursuiting outside a confined area of the hotel. The Dollywood resort was also considered, but they were too small for Fangcon.

With Knoxville out for 2016, Fangcon checked back with Nashville and, like years before, the hotels there were booked. The same situation also arose with Chattanooga. Running out of hotels in Central and Eastern Tennessee, the Fangcon staff decided to hold Fangcon 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama, and wait until 2017 to see if it would be possible to hold the convention at a different time of year in the Knoxville area.


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