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Fanfiction is the term for continuation of or additions to the world of a story or movie by people or groups that are fans of the particular work. These can be stories that fill in gaps of time that were missed by the original piece, prequels or sequels to the original piece, introduction of new characters within a universe, or even complete rewrites. Many authors try to fill in the "what if's" of a story, how a character would have reacted if put into a different situation, or how a character developed into the way they appeared. Other authors engage in what is commonly referred to in the fanfiction community as Mary Sue fiction, in which fan-created characters, often themselves, are inserted into existing universes, oftentimes as a love interest for the main character. Another popular theme is known as slash, in which authors like to pair up characters that in their canon universe do not have any sort of relationship. This can be both heterosexual or homosexual in nature.

The quality of these works can range from amazingly good to amazingly bad.

Some of the more popular and prolific fanfiction in the furry community was done based on the Disney movie The Lion King and its sequels. Some of the best fanfiction from that movie was done by John Burkitt and David Morris in their Chronicles of the Pride Lands series.

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