Fanboy Stew

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Fanboy Stew (Also known as Fanboy Soup, Furry Marinade, or Fanboy Chile Con Carne) is an humorous and/or derisive term (based on the of the user's feeling about the fandom,) to describe any number of furs using a furry convention hotel's hot tub facilities, in some few rare cases while wearing a fursuit or costume.

The term derides on the assumption of the possibility of poor hygiene in the part of those hot tub users, which could cause the unit being used to exhibit a viscous layer of oil or any strange matter on its surface.


The term Fanboy Soup was first coined at PlurWolfy San Francisco's furry party on 1 December 2006, in special reference to the San Jose Doubletree's hot tub (Further Confusion 2003 was being hosted at that venue at that time.)

The term Fanboy Stew was also coined at that specific San Jose Doubletree during the same date by artists XianJaguar and Dustmeat.