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Fanart Central is an online art gallery and discussion site. The site hosts fanart and original art, organized primarily by the source (such as anime or video games) on which fanart submissions are based. Original furry artwork has been one of its top-level categories since its creation, subdivided roughly by style (e.g., anthro, non-anthro, kemonomimi, et al.) and species.

While the site originally accepted any mature content including pornography, and utilized a MPAA-style rating system for classifying content, in 2006 a site overhaul replaced the rating system with individual content filters and was soon followed by a ban on adult-level sexual content (though, like deviantART, "tasteful" nudity is still permitted). Authors of adult material were notified by e-mail, and all content flagged as adult-level was later automatically purged by the webmaster. (An "Explicit" sexual content level, still displayed while browsing, has no effect)

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