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The fanaloka, also known as the jabady (Fossa fossana) is a mammal endemic to Madagascar belonging to the family Eupleridae. Even though they are often referred to as Malagasy or striped civets, they are euplerids, alongside animals like the fossa and the ring-tailed mongoose.

Fanalokas are considered a vulnerable species, even though not much is known about their population due to their obscurity as a species. They are nocturnal and carnivorous, eating small vertebrates, insects, and eggs taken from bird's nests. They are shy and secretive; however, it is not known if they are solitary, like most other euplerids, or not.

Fanalokas and furry[edit]

Fanalokas are a very uncommon species in the furry fandom. They do not appear on the Furry Research Center's 2008 survey, nor did they have their own category on They have also never appeared in the top thirty in WikiFur's category data. Additionally, few fanaloka fursonas can be found on Fur Affinity compared to many other species, including their fossa relatives. However, fanaloka fursonas and fanaloka characters do exist.

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