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A Fanboy or Fangirl (Friki in Spanish, Otaku in Japanese), is a person who is overly obsessed about a certain character, artist, story, series, or other work of art in both the Furry and other fandoms.

Negative connotation[edit]

The term fan-boy is usually used in a derogatory context. The stereotypical view of a fan-boy is that of an overweight individual who doesn't practice proper hygiene and brings tears to the eyes of the artist/author who can't escape from their presence. These furry stereotypes was perpetuated by animator Shawn Keller's comic, the Horrifying Look at the Furries, and through his (currently cybersquatted) website,

Social interaction[edit]

Artists and writers typically disdain fanboys, as they tend to think they know more about or have a greater appreciation of characters, stories, and works of art than the original creator. Fan-boys are notorious for bombarding artists at conventions asking for autographs or engaging in long, trivial conversations.

Fanboys are territorial when it comes to their favorite characters or works of art. Since they often feel they are the authoritative source about a particular subject they did not create, their meeting will likely incite a flamewar.

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