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Famis (born July 25, 1989)[1] is a fursuiter who lives in Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany.[2] His fursona is a blue and white Crux, formerly a Lugia.

Joining the Community in August 2008, he was one of the first people in the southern, Saarland Furry Communtiy, together with a few others. He attended Eurofurence first on EF 17, going for 2 years with his handmade Lugia Fursuit. Eurofurence 20 was the first one he attended with his new Crux Fursuit, put together by Made By Mercury. Since that year he joined the ConOps aswell, helping the con's various panels to start on time and with all the supplies they needed.

Eurofurence 22 was the first he attended the Eurofurence's own Dance Competition, Enter the Arena. He also participated in the first 1 versus 1 Dance Battle Paws on Fire, placing first in the Fursuit Division.

Famis's Lugia, which he constructed himself, has three parts, and can be worn as either a fullsuit or a halfsuit.[3] It debuted at Eurofurence 17.


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