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Fairview High is a sci-fi/fantasy webcomic written and drawn by Aaron Romo and hosted by Squirrelworks.com. It primarily centers around the ins-and-outs of life at a high school that tends to draw an inordinate amount of characters of fantastical origins.


  • Ellie - a half-vampire girl
  • Brandi - the headstrong daughter of a vampire hunter who was killed by Ellie's father; also, a gadgethead
  • Kain - a werewolf
  • Kayla - a witch-in-training
    • Peppermint - Kayla's pink cat
  • Yukiko - a Japanese exchange student
  • Gennie - a genie
  • Joseph - a student possessed by Gideon, a malevolent zombie spirit
  • Loki - the Norse god of chaos

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