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Faibanx MUCK is a furry-themed MUCK inhabited mostly by users of the website Lava Dome Five, with a high abundance of macrophiles, herpetophiles, and "pawlovers". It is an adult MUCK and thus unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. Registration is required for access, as there is no option to connect as a guest. The website has a Java client for those without a separate MUCK client.

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Faibanx MUCK is a small and often rather quiet MUCK where everyone is welcome, particularly those who like macro, scalies, paws, are just looking for some friendly conversation, or a mix of all thereof. The world is a large town, most areas being built to handle macro characters as well, with lots of nature around it. Public activity concentrates on the Town Square (the central area in town) whereas adult roleplaying usually moves on to another part of town or a private place, and activity peaks in the U.S. evening but is lower at sleeping times.

The unit of currency in Faibanx is the Kruft (Kr).


Everyone and any species is welcome, as long as the players stay nice and are open-minded. That being the most basic principle of the MUCK, it is vital that players stay polite towards folks that enjoy other things as they do.

Since Faibanx is very character-based and personal, guest accounts are currently disabled. If you want to try it out, just send the Dinosorceror a request with character name and password and you should have your account within one day.


There is a Javascript-made map of the Faibanx MUCK available to the public at http://download.lavadomefive.com/members/blue/map/main.html, courtesy of Blue, the Faibanx cartographer. The map depicts Faibanx locations as bitmap tiles on a large canvas, allowing zoom and access to details about the zone (including its inhabitants).

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